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Servo Motor Encoder Cables

Mitsubishi Servo Encoder Cable MR-J2-JHSCBL

Model:Mitshubishi Encoder Cable
Specification:MR-J2-JHSCBL Encoder Cable
Performance:Mitsubishi Servo Power Cable
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Product Details
Are you looking for a reliable supplier of Servo Motor Encoder Control Cable Harnesses?
A reliable manufacturer needs to ensure stable production while ensuring product quality, otherwise, it would be an annoying matter. Our Premier Cable is a one-stop manufacturer of all products related to cable assemblies and harnesses. You can directly purchase the Servo Motor Encoder harness for sale, or DIY customize the Servo Motor Encoder harness according to your needs.

Item: Mitshubishi Encoder Cable

Length: 10/20/30/50cm or customized
Gender: Female-Female/Female-Male/Male-Male or customized
Manufacturer: Premier Cable

Package: 1pcs/PE bag
Lead Time: 3~4 weeks
Shipping: Support by Express, by Sea, by Air
OEM & ODM Request:  Yes, leave us a message for your requests

Mitshubishi Encoder Cable MR-J2-JHSCBL 
Mitsubishi J2S high-power encoder cable MR-JHSCBL 
Mitsubishi MR-J2S Servo encoder cable signal cable
Mitsubishi Servo power encoder MR-JHSCBL10M-H MR-J2S Cable cord

Encoder cable signal transmission can be degraded by many factors including, long transmission runs, high cable capacitance and extreme EMI.

With the development of industrial automation and IoT, Premier Cable provides servo wire harnesses to meet different industries' needs, supporting bus control such as EtherCAT, CANopen, and Modbus, making your products outstanding in the fields of robotics, smart vehicles, smart medical equipment, intelligent terminals, 3C, smart factories, 5G, and AGV. Welcome to leave a message or Emails us to customize your cable harness.

Mitshubishi Servo Encoder Cable MR-J2-JHSCBL

Industial Mitshubishi MR-JHSCBL Servo Motor Cable

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